Check The Runway

Kim Kardashian-West wore a beautiful nude embellished Roberto Cavalli gown (designed by Peter Dundas for the House) to The MET Gala (Ball).  The stark white feathers created a beautiful cascading train that made me gag!  Her hair and make-up were flawless as usual though she could stand to smile a little…though her hubs opts out of smiling  as well so it’s cool.

Now the not so good…the shrug like top did not support her “girls” which made a little of a smashing.  I don’t know why Mrs. West thinks she can go without a bra or support it is not very flattering to her top (in my humble opinion).  Also this look made her look really thick.  Not just her bum but her arms, shoulders, thighs and waistline.  Thick is good don’t get me wrong but this look is just more flattering on a slimmer not so voluptuous build.  


P.S.  I know everyone is comparing her dress to Beyonce’s 2012 Givenchy gown well her whole look, I tend to agree…nothing more to say both gowns (and ladies) were GORG.  If Kim would have opted for a different embellishment such as more beading on a sheer layered train (may have looked more bridal but hey we wouldn’t be having this conversation) or layered satin or leather maybe that would have been enough to keep people from talking about this.  I can say I did like the fit on Beyonce better since her frame is slimmer.  That’s the thing about high fashion the details can overwhelm or over cover you depending on your build. 

Oh well the sun don’t shine the sun don’t shine!



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