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Hump Day Cocktailing: Cherry Blossomtini! #fitfam

Certainly! Here’s a delightful blog post featuring fashionable cocktails perfect for spring. Whether you’re hosting a garden party, enjoying a sunny afternoon, or simply want to celebrate the season, these refreshing drinks are sure to elevate your springtime gatherings.

Kick off spring with the delightful Cherry Blossomtini. This cocktail puts a sake twist on the classic cosmopolitan, retaining the famous drink’s Cointreau and cranberry juice.

Sweet and delicate, the cherry blossom-tini is a sake-induced cosmopolitan. Ideal for spring and summer parties, the cocktail offers a light cranberry flavor, making it perfect for brunch, showers, and any casual, yet elegant, occasion.

Mixologist Allen Katz created this cocktail for Gekkeikan Sake and it simply replaces the cosmo’s vodka with sake. The triple sec (e.g., Cointreau), cranberry juice, and lime juice from that cocktail remain, so it’s both familiar and slightly different.

You’ll also find that this is an excellent dinner cocktail. It’s crisp, gently fruity, and refreshing and pairs well with a variety of foods. Of course, if Japanese cuisine is on the menu, it’s a perfect choice.