Rihanna is no stranger to standing out from the crowd and tonight she did it again.  Tonight Badgalriri wore a Guo Pei Haute Couture robe in golden yellow that boasted impeccable embroidery  and fur.  Her hair was in a simple low “flip” with gold hair embellishments.  Adorning her feet were silver Toerless Muse Christian Louboutin’s (@louboutinworld) that have yet to grace the Louboutin World.  

Now I love the Badgal but this didn’t work.  She will try it and sometimes will hit the mark but this time eh.  No one can deny the work it took to make this garment (2years) and I give to Rih with her go for it attitude.  I am sure Rihanna isn’t losing any sleep over the “memes” being created about her choice, this was the place for it.  She is a fashion risk taker at her best.


Photos by Getty

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