Going Faux!

Free People

Gucci is doing it, so can we.  Many major brands are banning fur as “not modern” and are offering some über cool vegan and faux options for your fav products.  Products have been on the faux side of things for some time now with wallets, shoes, handbags, jackets and coats however, many brands are giving

Gretchen Christine

the faux makeover to runway looks and keeping the chic now that’s the most important part.  Brands like Armani, Ralph LaurenCalvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are all fur free and it’s cool to see another major international brands like Gucci join the ranks.  Millennials are more ethically minded than previous generations and finding sustainable brands that fit lifestyles is becoming a new and much needed trend that refreshingly they have embraced.  They are the future and I am so glad to see them choosing to switch lanes here.

Check out some very cool products that are faux and chic!




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