Save the Children Illumination Gala

The fifth annual Save the Children Illumination Gala was held for the first time at the American Museum of Natural History.  “This year has been extraordinarily challenging — that’s probably the biggest understatement I’m going to make tonight,” Save the Children president and chief executive officer Carolyn Miles of 19 years.  “It’s been one emergency after the other, we’ve obviously witnessed the power of nature with things like landslides in Sierra Leone, catastrophic flooding in Southeast Asia, multiple earthquakes in Mexico, and the last few weeks, three hurricanes hitting the United States and the territory or Puerto Rico. And then there are these long-term quieter emergencies that you might not hear so much about, including the Syrian refugee crisis, which is now in its seventh year.”

Jill Biden also spoke to the audience adding, “My husband Joe and I believe that the greatest sin is the abuse of power, and there is no group of people in this world who has less power or is more defenseless than children. I’ve seen it in my travels across the world; the stories of child soldiers, just eight years old, suffering from hernias after carrying machine guns, which were almost as big as they were. The story of a little boy who told me that he had lost his dog in the waters of Harvey in Houston. The powerless children of our world need a powerful champion.”

Jennifer Garner, who just visited Kentucky schools where Save the Children works.“Every child has an inner light, children growing up in poverty, children growing up in refugee camps, children growing up in wonderfully privileged homes — they have an inner light. But that light has to be nourished and it has to be loved and it has to be fed in order for it to grow and for them to become the people they’re meant to become.”

The ladies also graced the red carpet in beautiful style.  Here are some highlights!

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner wore a GORG Michael Kors AW17 black fringe strapless gown.She went uber simple with her hair and makeup opting for a middle part and side sweep.  Her makeup was a simple black eyeliner and pink lips.  Luckily Jenn is simply beautiful and doesn’t need much.  I could have used an earring or necklace or something!

Olivia Wilde

Not sure who is styling Olivia Wilde but this is an ultimate MISS for me! She wore a white, rainbow polka dot Valentino SS18 dress. Yeah this is definitely for the Spring.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty dress but it’s a no for a Fall event for me.


Dakota Fanning

Yes Dakota! I am in love with this black, fishtail, exposed stitch Dolce & Gabbana dress with sweetheart neckline.  Miss Dakota opted for flowing tresses and a simple pink lip and I likey!

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis could not be more perfect in this read column gown she wore with a simple diamond and gold necklace.  Her golden locks were pulled back in the perfect pony with simple dark eyes and pink lip.  She is beautiful!!

Save the Children is committed to conducting our programs and operations in a manner that keeps children safe and protects them from harm. We insist on 100% accountability for safeguarding the children we are privileged enough to serve. All Save the Children representatives—including employees, board members, partners and volunteers—are expected to conduct themselves according to this commitment. We have clear procedures to prevent, report and respond to any risks to children.

No matter the challenge, we always put children first in everything we do. Ensuring their safety and well-being is a promise we make to them and our supporters alike. (



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