Stylishly f’lint – Retractable Lint Roller

flint-silverBeing stylish is about being you and being you to your fullest potential.   What better way flint
to be stylish than having garments free of hair, lint and debris?  Out comes your tape roller.  We have all seen them, huge with bulky tape strips, not so fashionable.

Well…f’lint retractable lint roller is exactly the chic tool we need! Slim, sleek, recyclable, reusable and refillable!   So small it can fit in your purse, pocket, carry-on or anywhere you are.  The sheets are made from the coolest high quality Japanese paper that is just the right sticky and easy peel perfection!  After using all of the 30 reusable sheets, remove the refill and put on a new one, easy as that!

Grab yours in Classic, Metallic and Holiday colors!

Keep your look in Check with f’lint!



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