A.F. Vandevorst’s Twisted Corp is one of my favorite collections at Paris Fashion Week.  Their Fall 2013 collection hosts pale color along with their rich color counterpart.  The military was obviously an inspiration for this collection seen in pocket details and skirt jacket combinations.  The prints included a gorgeous rich slate, paisley, sheen which looked amazing in a ankle hugging skirt with matching military jacket.  A floral print came in light gray and grape purple which when folded into hip flaring dresses made me swoon.  What I LOVE about this collection is the continuity, it just flowed and followed each other to the next look, straight to the point.  I wasn’t taken out of the zone, I was tranquilized and convinced by this short collection.  The hair was a little wacky but the collection was ON POINT, well done! 


Fall 2013 

Paris Fashion Week



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